First,  let’s define chaos: “to be out of control.” Chaos results from making poor, downright bad, or even No choice. In other words, you enter into a “hot mess.”

Life is a series of choices, you can choose to be happy, or sad, you can even choose to be a failure or a success. You are the architect of your destiny. When you refuse to make a choice and allow others to choose for you, you are still making a choice to relinquish control. Weigh your options, you are always in the best position to make the best choice for you, choose to live a life free of
Chaos.  What if you were to choose to change the way you see chaos? It’s not always BAD, it  can be a catalyst for positive change, by changing your thought process. For example you, can choose to watch CNN or you can change the channel and watch Fox, in other words change you can change the way you think. Start today, it’s a beautiful thing.

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