One of the easiest ways to attract more good to your life is to purchase a journal, title it “Gratitude Journal” and start to journalize daily what you are grateful for and state it with emotions; watch how the universe will attract more good to you, it’s truly amazing. Journaling will change your life, it’s definitely changed
mine. Gratitude is a gift; appreciate and love any and everything in your life.

One thing you want to remember is to be grateful for the good and bad things, it’s a lesson to learn from both. Ask yourself “want can I learn from this situation?” It’s always a lesson.

I want to share a story about a young man named George. George was a college student who wanted to be a Graphic Art Designer, who had no family, support, no money, and homeless. He had a burning desire to attend College at the Art Institution of Houston, so he enlisted in the Army Reserve. This would give him the opportunity to get free education, housing and meal plan. During basic training, in 20 degrees below 0 weather, George starting asking himself did he make the right decision? He quickly changed his mindset and started stating his gratitude for the Army Reserve, that this has been a amazing opportunity that has improved his life for the higher good. He’s now enrolled in college at the Art Institute, has room and board, he is no longer homeless and he gets to eat balanced meals. This is the power of being thankful and Grateful. Can you see yourself in George’s story or do you know someone that could relate to this?

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