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Blog 9: “Do you have a Balanced life?”

Creating a balanced life means having great health, love, spirituality, family, understanding, and direction in your life. It means sensing when things are slipping out of balance and into Chaos. It doesn't mean leading a perfect life, by any means, but balance...

Blog 8: Grow Yourself, Grow Your Worth

Where are you, when it pertains to growth? -What areas of your life will you improve? -How committed are you in improving your quality of life? -Have you made a decision? If your answer is "Yes." -What exactly did you decide in order to grow yourself, which will...

Are You Living a Chaotic Life?

First,  let's define chaos: "to be out of control." Chaos results from making poor, downright bad, or even No choice. In other words, you enter into a "hot mess." Life is a series of choices, you can choose to be happy, or sad, you can even choose to be a failure...

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