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From welfare mom to multi-millionaires

The remarkable transformation of Tess Tims.

Science transforms chaos into order. Tess Tims discovered this fact in her life-long battle with chaos. Only science allowed her to transform her personal chaos into order and success.

Tess Tims was born in Mississippi and raised in a wealthy middleclass family of entrepreneurs. She seemed bound for success.

Then chaos struck

When Tess was 17, she got pregnant out of wedlock. Her family disowned her and sent out into the streets, pregnant and penniless

,She had no choice but to go on welfare.

Even so, Tess always considered welfare to be a temporary hand up rather than a permanent handout. Once she got a job, she had Social Services take her off the welfare rolls.

Tess managed to support herself and her beloved daughter and still go to college, part-time. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.

After graduation, Tess landed a great job with NASA and stayed for 7 years. When NASA radically downsized, Tess was laid off.

Suddenly Chaos came back with a vengeance.

Counterintuitively, but purely logically, she went to Beauty School. She recognized this as a very profitable growth industry years before the smart money managers did.

In a very short time Tess owned her own high-end salon, which lacked only one thing – clients. She had none. Things got so dire that at one point she could not pay a $42 water bill for her salon.

Her old adversary Chaos was back again.

Rather than panic, Tess used her hard science background and her years at Nasa to think logically. and came up with a fool-proof formula to make her salon a success. It promised to add 100 new clients per week in 30 days -and it delivered. Her salon blossomed and today, 30 years later, is still one of the top performing beauty salons in the country.

Through her Signature 6-week “Beauty-Preneur” on-line course, Tess now shares the same formula that worked for her with salon owners from all over the world. (TessTimsInstitute.com)

This salon make-over formula performed so well for Tess, that she ended up working 16 hour days trying to keep up with the new demand with no time left for anything.

Yes, chaos had returned, big time.

On the advice of a friend, Tess decided she should work smart rather than just work hard and developed the celebrated 3C’s program. Tess first applied her proprietary 3 C’s program to herself in order to make more money, yet work fewer hours. As an added benefit it reduced her stress and improved her health.

Today that 3C’s program has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world, through her popular Self Labs. (TessTims.com)

Kiss chaos goodbye

Following the 3C’s has allowed Tess to banish Chaos from her door forever more. Today she is an independent, powerful woman; a successful entrepreneur with three separate businesses, an in-demand Life Transformation Coach and one of the most sought after Transformational Speakers in America today

What has made Tess Tims so popular? As Tess herself explains “I was once an unmarried welfare mom with no prospects and no hope. Today I am a very successful entrepreneur. So I can fully understand people who have big dreams.

And people can relate to that.”

Tess Tims donates a lot of her time and expertise to local charities.

She is a Director of the Kym Coleman Education Foundation, whose mission is to improve the quality of education for school-aged children in low-income areas of Houston. KCEF created the long running Honor Roll Bicycle Incentive Program, which gives up to 150 new bicycles to young children who keep their marks up, and, for hardworking young adults who wish to attend college KCEF also provides scholarships.

Tess is involved in the HOUSTON Livestock Show and Rodeo- which supports Texas youth, showcases Western heritage and provides scholarships to college bound Texas young people. Over its long history the Rodeo has awarded more than $475 million in scholarships. Today over $50 million in scholarships help 2300 students in more than 80 Texas colleges and universities.

Tess also donates her time and expertise at bi-weekly meetings of her Entrepreneurs Program, which helps local young entrepreneurs to build self-esteem, self-confidence and learn a proven road to business success.

Yet, even with all her material success and charity work, the most fulfilling thing for her is working with Tess Tims International. This flourishing company provides custom wig design and hair extensions for women suffering from hair loss. As Tess ayes: “ Suddenly they get their confidence back. They get their sense of self-beauty back. They actually get their lives back. It’s the most rewarding thing I do”.

There truly is a secret formula to success and Tess Tims, with her rigorous training in hard science and her many years at NASA, has cracked the code. She calls it The 3C’s.

Even though the basis of her 3 C’s is a secret formula, it’s a secret Tess Tims is willing to share.

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