It’s true: success does not have to be complicated, confusing or drawn out – and neither should the tools you rely on to help you get what you want! Anyone thinking success has to be a complicated and confusing struggle – even if this has been their experience in the past – is about to discover and new and empowering Truth.

I’ve created The 3 C’s System: Chaos Awareness, Clarity Awareness, and Commitment Awareness to inspire and transform your way of thinking forever.

Chaos Awareness

“Chaos” is traditionally something we consider “bad.” Actually, Chaos is often a call to action telling us we need to find Clarity and become committed to an action. Chaos is where many of us find ourselves most of the time if we are not aware of The 3 C’s System.

It’s hard to find success without rising above your Chaos, and in my case, Chaos is exactly what led me to the other 2 C’s.

Clarity Awareness

Clarity Awareness is when you have a clear vision for your future and take assertive steps toward making that vision a reality. It can look like life balance, positive thinking, goal-setting, meditation, or even budgeting wisely.

Goals are critical because they provide starting lines, finish lines, stop signs, and even guard-rails for what you hope to achieve. Make a decision, and then be clear regarding what you want for your life. There are specific actions to take that will enhance Clarity Awareness, which I discuss in my book.

Commitment Awareness

You can’t change the Chaos in your life, or keep the Clarity, if you’re not Committed to your own personal and professional success. Being committed means making a pledge or becoming dedicated to a goal, or promise, that you will stay the course regardless of obstacles. This Third C, Commitment, requires dedication, vision, and purpose and is essential for all entrepreneurs!

Do you see a way you can grow from Chaos Awareness, Clarity Awareness or Commitment Awareness? All three are critical to creating success minus the complication, confusion, or drawn out time period.

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