Success doesn’t have to be a complicated, confusing struggle- even if this has been your experience in the past. I’m a girl who has had it, lost it, and had it again. I opened my first salon shortly after beauty school; it was fabulously decorated, with mirrors everywhere, marble flooring, and fully stocked with inventory. But ONE BIG PROBLEM, I had no clients and no marketing strategy to attract clients. Things got so bad at one point; I couldn’t even pay a $42 water bill.

I want to share a story with you guys about a great friend of mine who is a 6 figure entrepreneur, which recently called me after reading “The 3 C’s System. She was so touched, moved and inspired that it brought her to tears. It caused her to identify all of the chaos that she has endured in her life up until now. She’s now able to control chaos, get clarity on what she wants, and be more committed. This brought me much joy, knowing that I could impact another person’s life. This is one of the reasons for me writing this book, knowing that I can impact the lives of others forever.

After sharing this story with many close friends & associates, and a select hand full of personally trained clients, I wrote “The 3 C’s System: Your One Evening Guide to Health & Wealth Creation”. The purpose of this short-story is to be an inspiration to others, by sharing an easy, simple system in how to manage chaos.

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