Have you ever caught yourself saying negative things in your head? Have you watched yourself project bad outcomes irrationally, or say mean things about yourself for no reason? Sometimes it feels impossible to pull yourself out of the negative thinking spiral, and the scary part is that the more you think stressful thoughts, the more you attract even MORE stressful thoughts!

A few years ago, I found myself in a cycle of “stinking thinking,” negative thoughts that seemed to perpetuate themselves. I took things personally and made a lack of clients in my business mean that I had a poor work ethic. It felt awful and it was impacting my work life and my home life.

Does this sound familiar? Do you know someone who gets sucked into this spiral of fearful thoughts?

After some self-evaluation, I was able to make a shift in my thoughts to stop attracting fear, worry and stress into my life, and you can make that shift, too. Here are three steps you can take today that will make an immediate difference in your life.

Take a look around you. Who do you spend time with on a day-to-day basis? How do they make you feel?

When I was ready to make a change in my life, I had to reduce the amount of “downer people” I interacted with. You know the type, the co-worker who is constantly complaining or the “friend” who gives backhanded compliments.

It can be difficult to create distance from “downer people” if they’re currently ingrained in your life, but if you really want to take steps away from fearful, worrisome and stressful thinking, it’s important to create the space you need so you can surround yourself with happy, positive people who make you feel good.

There are several people who inspired me to overcome the negative thinking that was consuming me during this period. One of them was Sara Blakey, founder of Spanx.

The hosiery company, now worth an estimated $150 million, came about when Sara stopped selling fax machines and created a homemade solution to an everyday problem women have. By cutting the feet off her pantyhose to help them look better in their clothes, Sara created Spanx, a multimillion-dollar international apparel company.

Sara inspires me because she started with only $5,000. She was willing to leave her safe job selling fax machines because she felt an entrepreneurial itch; she was thinking positively, and she had Clarity Awareness.

I began to pay attention to what I was noticing, positive or negative. I saw what had been happening in my life for so long in a new light, and I even became grateful for the obstacles that I was experiencing, because I was gaining wisdom from it.

This was the beginning of my Clarity Awareness, and it changed my life.

Are you ready to overcome the Chaos in your life, and more toward Clarity Awareness?  Do you want more information on what Clarity Awareness is and how it can make a huge difference in your life?  My book, The Three C’s System, Your One Evening Guide to Health and Wealth Creation, will be on sale soon.  Until then, click here for a free strategy session to discuss your desires and dreams and determine how I can best support you in reaching your goals.

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