Train, Mentor and Coach Hair Stylist from zero clients to 100 clients in 30 days

“You are the architect of your life.”


Transform your present life, no matter how bad it seem, into the life you’ve always dreamed of in 6 short weeks.
How to Attract financial increase in your salon business.

Your confidence and health will improve, your self worth will soar

What makes Tess Different?

After her family disowned her and sent her out into the streets, pregnant and penniless,Tess had no choice but to go on welfare.

Even so, Tess always considered welfare to be a temporary hand up rather than a permanent handout. Once she got a job, she had Social Services take her off the welfare rolls.

In a very short time Tess owned her own high-end salon, which lacked only one thing – clients. She had none.

So she came up with a fool-proof formula to make her salon a success. It promised to add 100 new clients per week in 30 days -and it delivered. Her salon blossomed and today, 30 years later, is still one of the top performing beauty salons in the country.

Through her Signature 6-week “Beauty-Preneur” on-line course, Tess now shares the same formula that worked for her with salon owners from all over the world.

What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it

“My Life will be forever changed, I enrolled in Tess Tims Institute’s online course, designed to help hairstylists like me to become better person, and extraordinary business owner. I am super excited, 6 weeks ago I was a different person. I now understand my “TRUTH”, how to identify chaos, get clear with my goals and how to get committed and stay committed. And what’s’ really good, when chaos shows up I handle it with ease and grace. I highly recommend Tess Tims’ THE SELF LAB and mentorship, it has made a huge difference in my life. Thanks Ms. Tims I am so proud to be mentored by you.”

Shanay Johnson
Hair Stylist

“Life is amazing, I have transformed in every area of my life. I look at everything in my life for the better good now. I knew I wanted to do something different for my life, because I was tired of chaos showing up and freaking out. Enrolling in Tess Tims Institute’s online course “THE SELF LAB”, was one of the best course I have ever enrolled in. I now know how to identify chaos and maintain it, how to get clarity with direction for my business and stay committed. I see situations in a different light. I am clear what I want for my life, whether is a relationship, family, friendship. what type of clientele I would love to service. This has been awesome, I didn’t want it to end. I got a chance to connect with like-minded hairstylist in other states. So proud to be apart of the private FB community where we can enter change ideas. My on my, I highly recommend “THE SELF LAB”, do it afraid. I did and its made a tremendous difference in every area of my life.”

Koresa Dickey
Hair Stylist

“Enrolling in Tess Tims Institute, “THE SELF LAB” course has helped caused a major shift in my life. I have attracted increase in my life from my finances to better relationships. I have learned how to deal with chaos when it shows up, get crystal clear what works for me and the power of commitment. I love the fact that Ms. Tess provides weekly mentorship throughout the course, where we get to share our experience with each other, now this was powerful.”

J. Adams
Hair Stylist

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How Much Does It Cost?

Well, let me ask you this…

“Please DO NOT buy my transformational system. It will be a complete waste of your money.” If a few negative words can persuade you not to transform your life for the better, you are not ready yet. Quit reading this and go on about your day.

But if you are ready to make a transformation, and are willing to work at it, I can show you how to do it in a logical scientific wayIn 6 short weeks you can metamorphosis from wherever you are in life right now, into a healthy, wealthy, successful business person, independent, worry free and serene.

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What’s Included?

All Clients Can Expect the Following:


How to identify chaos and maintain it?

Awareness: Understanding what chaos is and identifying if and why you are in a state of chaos.
Appreciation: Learning to see the gifts that exists to move you forward on your journey to your best, version of yourself.
Action: Exercise and practice that leads you to take action through chaos and move forward to the next phase.

How to define Clarity for your life, personal or business?

Awareness: Understanding what clarity really is.
Appreciation: Acknowledging the gifts that Clarity brings
Action: Exercises and practices that will guide you to acting with clarity

Simple Steps How to Get Committed

Awareness: Understanding what Commitment is and what it takes
Appreciation: Acknowledge the gifts that Commitment brings about.
Action: Exercises and practices that will guide you create, your commitment and stick to it.

Tess Tims

Meet Your Coach

From welfare mom to multi-millionaires

The remarkable transformation of Tess Tims.

Science transforms chaos into order. Tess Tims discovered this fact in her life-long battle with chaos. Only science allowed her to transform her personal chaos into order and success.

Tess Tims was born in Mississippi and raised in a wealthy middleclass family of entrepreneurs. She seemed bound for success.

Then chaos struck.

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